Hello and warm welcome to my personal blog, where I will share useful (hopefully) tips & updates related to Web Development (mostly front-end & WordPress - that's where I am good at), Blogging, Digital Marketing, and everything else that related to making a successful blog online.

By the way, I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Saeed Salam, a front-end (React Js) & WordPress dev from Kerala, India. I have around 8+ years of industry experience and a lot of experience in managing blogs & websites in the past.

I have been planning to create a personal blog where I can share my experience & knowledge to fellow developers for some time now, TBH, I did created a blog on Blogger platform but the whole Blogger platform seems really outdated and I really didn't find any joy in blogging there. I will share my experience there on next post as I believe this is just an intro post and am nagging too much here.

See you soon, be awesome on whatever you're doing!