Hey, my name is Saeed Salam, a front-end & WordPress developer from Kerala, India. I have been working with websites for more than decade now, had took variety of roles in the past, and has experience in almost all cycles of website development & online marketing.

About this blog

This blog is purely for sharing my experience with fellow developers (and to learn as well), I will share whatever I believe may be useful for developers in their journey.

I will also share things related to blogging and digital marketing; as I believe I have some interest on those areas as well, and I do work closely with marketing team daily as well.

Last not but least, in this age of reels & shorts, I also take this blog as a place where can write & read and interact in the old fashion.

I hope you will find this blog useful in some way, if you have any concerns or would like to catch up with me for anything, just write a mail to hello@saeedsalam.com

Thank you for checking out my blog, be awesome!