As you may already know, am hosting this blog on Github Pages, my blog address were like <myusername> which actually looks bit unprofessional, and as i already had registered a domain under my name,, i wanted to map that to this blog.

The process were pretty simple, my domain were ready and up in 10 mins!

Just go to your Domain Registrar, browser DNS settings page, and add following A & AAAA records there.

A records:

AAAA records:


This will map main domain ( to the Github Pages, but if we want to redirect www version as well, we will need to add a CNAME record as well. Just add a CNAME record as follows: or just WWW to <yourusername> change yourusername to your GitHub username you used to create the current Page.

Here is a screenshot of my DNS settings:


After saving the DNS settings, just head over to Github again, go to the repo you want to add the domain, go to Settings -> Pages (on the left sidebar)

Scroll down to Custom Domain section.

Enter your domain name there, and click “Save”, voila! your domain name is ready.

Note: for some domains, it may take some hours to propagate the DNS changes, so no need to panic if it doesn’t work on the fly. Though 99% time, it will be ready in 5-10 mins.

Once that’s ready, do check the Enforce HTTPS checkbox right below. That will redirect http to https.

That’s all. I hope you find this helpful. See ya later!

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