Like I disclosed in the last post, am running this Ghost blog on PikaPods, installation & setup went smooth. But I had omitted setting up mail settings then as I didn't had any plans setting up membership on my blog. But, because Ghost only allows members to add comments, in order to allow comments, I actually forced to setup mail there.

I was first moving towards MailGun, as Ghost itself promoting their service, but then I stumbled upon a post on Ghost forum where they share a method to setup Gmail as SMTP for Ghost, for free as well 😍

The setup is easy, let me break it to simple steps:

Step 1

  • Go to and login to your Google account you wish to use.
  • In the new page, you can see a input field where it ask you to enter App name, add SMTP as your app name there.
Gmail SMTP
  • Press Create button, and you will get a 16 digit password, save it somewhere confidentially (you will not be able to view it later)

That's it here.

Step 2

Now login to PikaPods.

Go to My Pods, on the Pod you want to make changes, click on the Settings icon.

A new popup will pop, in that select the ENV VARS tab.

There you can see a lot of fields to be filled, don't panic, it's pretty simple, let me help you on this.

Fill each fields like this:

  • mail__transportSMTP
  • mail__fromYour Name <>
  • mail__options__serviceGoogle
  • mail__options__port587 or 465 (depends on below option)
  • mail__options__securefalse (or true when using port 465)
  • (your Gmail email address)
  • mail__options__auth__pass: The password you have saved in the first step (App password for SMTP - without spaces)
PikaPods also has a nice documentation on this, check it out at

That's it, now save your settings, Pod will reload, and from now on, your visitors will be able to sign up to your blog 😎

You could test it with one of your email address to verify everything is working correctly.

Stuck somewhere? Feel free to add your queries via comments, I will try my best to help you.